Ammolite "Canada's Opal" Pear Triplet Brilliant Orange w/ Hints of Gold Gemstone

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Ammolite "Canada's Opal" Pear Triplet Brilliant Orange w/ Hints of Gold Gemstone

If you like OPAL you will Love AMMOLITE! - "Canada's Opal"
Ammolite "Canada's Opal" Pear Triplet Brilliant Orange w/ Hints of Gold/Green Loose Gemstone. 13.46 x 21.90 mm. #543, C47. This Gemstone is considered a Triplet due to the Beautiful clean-cut finish and top clear coat to ensure that the Gemstone has stabilization and protection to last the years.
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Our Ammolites and Ammonites are from the Bearspaw formation in Southern Alberta - CANADA. Each piece of Ammolite is considered a work of art; unique properties ensure each gemstone is truly one-of-a-kind! Ammolite is the rarest organic gemstone in the world and is found primarily in the southern part of Alberta, Canada. Carved from the fossilized shells of extinct ammonites (ancient sea creatures), each unique gemstone exhibits a wide range of dazzling colors and patterns and is highly desired by collectors, jewelry makers & artists: from raw pieces to free form natural cabochons and assembled jewelry pieces.

Feng Shui Properties
With the unique quality of being truly iridescent, Ammolite can exhibit up to seven colors each said to bring a certain benefit, such as wealth, wisdom, health, growth, or energy. These rare gemstones are said to promote the flow of energy, throughout the body, enhancing well-being. Feng Shui practitioners call it the seven-color prosperity stone.
These images do not show the true beauty of the stone. The colors vary in different lights & mentioned color is for reference only being the most dominant occurrence in the stone. This my opinion only. Measurements are approximate. I have many sizes and qualities! Thank you for your time.

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