The World's First Ammolite-Powered Crypto

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1000000 units

Product Description

The Ammolite Token is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency backed by Ammolite resources owned and operated by GEMXX Corporation.
The company has pledged to back the tokens with over $600M in proven Ammolite reserves, using its own mining properties as a unique secure source.

The Ammolite token is different from most of the other cryptocurrencies because it is the first token is the first ever to be backed by a confirmed reserve of Ammolite. The reason this puts the value of the token significantly above other similar cryptocurrencies is that Ammolite is one of the rarest naturally occurring elements available in the world.

GEMXX’s dedicated Resource-To-Token concept is the first digitized form of Ammolite in existence, as such, this makes the AMML Token one-of-a-kind in the world.

To purchase the Ammolite Crypto Token please viist to download your GEMXX Wallet and access the only Ammolite-Powered Crypto in the world.


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